"Wendy came to my advanced programs and taught everyone attending Bollywood dancing.

Was it fun? Absolutely! Was it easy? Totally! Was everyone 100% into it? Yup!!

Will I ask Wendy back? Only again and again and again! She rocked my program!!!

—Janet Bray Attwood
New York Times Bestseller
Co/author of The Passion Test

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About Wendy

Wendy Stegall has been immersed in Indian dance since 1986. Her study of Kathak—North Indian classical (or temple) dance began in 1989 in Austin, Texas and continued in India in 1990 and 2000, when she became affiliated with Natya Kala kendra in Schaumburgh Illinois. She founded Pashyanti School of Kathak in 2001 and established herself as a cultural presenter and rostered artist with Iowa Arts Council.  She is presently also a cultural ambassador with Cultureall.   Her training, while focused on Kathak, has also included Bharata Natyam, (South Indian dance), Near Eastern (belly dance), Nia, ballroom and modern. Her own choreographies now draw from any and all of these languages, both spontaneously and intentionally and it is this desire to contribute something fresh and unique in her own expression as well as the innate ham in her and the love of many dance styles that led her into the spakling world of Bollywood Dance.  (if you wish to know the names of Wendy's dance gurus see below; most Westerners would not be familiar with or interested in such particulars!)

Bollywood dance is a genre that embraces many elements and has captured the world's attention with its charm, playfulness and wide range of movements, attracting non-dancers seeking exercise, as well as cultural explorers and serious dancers. Wendy's performances range from pure Kathak to Bollywood dance, and can be tailored to any event. Her mission is not only to express artistic beauty, sparkle and inner depth, but also to inspire the audience to join her in simple moves and sequences that make Indian dance accessible to all.

Wendy is known for mesmerizing audiences with her solo numbers, and then getting hundreds of people dancing with her to popular Indian songs. In her workshops, she teaches storytelling hand gestures and basic moves, and gives students more complex moves of classical or Bollywood dance based on the desire and context of the attendees. Wendy's venues have included educational institutions, yoga studios, weddings, parties, Indian festivals, home concerts, "Kirtan" chant/dance sessions, and conferences and retreats of all kinds.  

While studying in the US and abroad, Wendy’s training has been blessed by Kathak gurus recognized as much for their innovation as for carrying on the grand tradition of the dance form, since from its inception as a virutuoso form Kathak always embraced and reveled in improvisation and individuality.   Her principle teacher was Sandhya DeSai, of the Kadamb Center for Dance and Music in Ahmedebad. She began her study with an American disciple of the legendary Birju Maharaj - Gina Lali and also took classes with Munna Shukla and Shila Mehta. Her authenticity in rendering the Indian dance arts has afforded her many opportunities to share the splendors of Indian dance with both Western and Indian audiences.

Wendy lives in Fairfield, Iowa, where she first came in 1980 to be part of the Transcendental Meditation community.


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