"Wendy was the featured entertainer at a large conference in Chicago and although we had performers from around the world, all everyone talked about was Wendy.

Her beauty in the elaborate Indian dress was breathtaking and her dancing was absolutely mesmerizing...

But what really won our hearts was how she got all 300 of us on our feet dancing along with her!

When we collected the evaluation forms at the end of the conference the most recurring comment was, 'Definitely have Wendy next year.'"

—Debra Poneman, Founder
Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.

* * * * *

NEW! LEARN TO TEACH BOLLYWOOD DANCE!  Zumba teachers! Yoga teachers, Aerobics teachers! Regular folks!  Lead a bollywood dance at a party, teach a class, or start a regular bollywood class!  Teacher Certification from Bollywoodiowa!  Workshop coming up this summer! Contact me for details or check back! 

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Events & Programs

Weddings, parties, conferences, retreats, workshops, classes, house concerts and private lessons...and Teacher Training! 

Wendy tailors her performances, workshops and lessons to your event and budget. Programs can be performance-oriented, involve group participation, or both. Her knowledge and expertise in Kathak—classical dance of North India—makes a fascinating cultural diversity program for students, senior citizens, etc. Bollywood music and dance is a charming way to get audiences of all ages moving and excited about the world of dance. Wendy is rostered with the Iowa Arts Council and is a Cultural Ambassador for Cultureall.


Weddings & Parties 

"Thank you for making our wedding such a glorious and lovely event. We heard so many comments from people about how wonderful your dance was, and how it was a highlight of the wedding!"  --Cherie Sampson and Dan Kelly 

"For my 50th birthday my husband commissioned Wendy to dance for our guests. I will remember this night and her performance all my life. She was so full of the 'joy of life' and deeply touched my heart. My family and friends still talk about that night as being truly magical." —Barbara Wacknov

"Your dancing gave the party a very special touch... Everyone gave rave reviews. You are very professional and easy to work with. I could see it took you some time to pull it all together and I really appreciate it." —Sidney / Mother's 90th Birthday

Classical Indian Dance is a beautiful addition to your wedding, whether it's an Indian/Vedic ceremony or a Western one.  And bollywood dance is part of every Indian wedding - have it all!  "Move your guests!"

Conferences & Retreats

"What I saw Wendy do was meet her audience at a fundamental level, bring them into her dance story and then bring them up with her. She took them on a journey from Classical to Bollywood and then finished by getting the audience moving with her." —Libbett Rich

"On the way home I was moved to tears!" —Ruthie

"I felt so uplifted and graced by your beauty and charm... It was a golden moment etched in my memory." —Rena Boone / Teacher of Transcendental Meditation

Educational Programs

Students don't want the session to end!

"They talked about her program for days!" —Marilyn Scott / Pence Elementary School

"Amazing storytelling and involvement of the students—they learned so much! Such a powerful and attention-grabbing opening with dance, history and participation. A wonderful way to start with small levels of involvement and build to a full body experience. Great use of relate-able terminology when teaching the dance moves to the students (i.e., bus stop). You are extremely aware of their attention span and needs." —Nikola Pavelic / Cultureall / Timber Ridge Elementary School

"Wendy gave two outstanding performances at the University of Iowa in which she demonstrated her profound skill and knowledge of Kathak. Especially moving is her heartfelt connection with students... Not just a natural dancer, but a natural teacher." —Frederick M. Smith / Associate Professor of Sanskrit & Classical Indian Religions / South Asian Studies Program Director

"Wonderful job... Great personality and relates well to students." —Carolyn Louden / P.E. Teacher / Fairfield High School

Home Concerts

A great way to share an artistic experience within a small community of people, home concerts are becoming a popular way to hold affordable concerts. Whether in a living room, basement or backyard, there is much less overhead, little advertising necessary and ticket prices can be whatever the artist and presenter agree upon.

With email you can notify many friends, and arrange an event within a month or two if it's local, and in 2-3 months if outside of Fairfield. (By booking additional performances or classes, we can make travel much more feasible. With some planning, all travel expenses may be covered.)

I LOVE dancing in people's homes. It's a chance to be informal and perform a variety of dances, taking the audience through the magic of Indian Dance in many of its phases. As the presenter, you can work with me to design the type(s) of music and dance that I emphasize. It can be strictly a performance, or I can lead the group in easy dances together at the end.


College Events

There is nothing like experiencing a sisterly bond whille enjoying,embracing, laughing and dancing to the beats of bollywood. The sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha shimmied along to Wendy's  catchy dance moves and tunes and were taken on a journey into another world together while having the times of our lives. Thank you for showing us how to impress and express ourselves through bollywood. Alpha love!!"     --Tai Lucero: COE College Physical Event Coordinator          February 2013

Private Lessons

At the studio, or in your own home, private lessons are a luxurious treat. Learn what you love at your own pace.

"I have a particular bhajan that moves me deeply. In a few individual lessons, Wendy showed me movements and footwork that allow me to express the devotion I feel from this music. Dancing it every morning is now a delightful experience." —Sharon Long